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Children are our most important asset: they build the future of society. The foundations of a mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically healthy life are laid between ages of 3-8, therefore prevention is a must. Preschool education’s essence does not solely lie in the transferral of knowledge; it is much more about influencing important values, behaviour and the way in which children treat themselves and each other. However, this can only be reached through building competence & cooperation among parents and teachers.

We envision a world where every small kid can fulfil their potential, and develop in a caring and safe environment at home and at the preschool. A world where children act out of love, and are creative, healthy, resilient and empathic team players who actively seek to explore the world around them, while practicing conscious attention and with utmost respect to their peers, family and environment. Preschool teachers and parents collaborate to develop the full potential of a kid taking into account their personality, circumstances, cultural context; parents and teachers feel confident, competent and equipped with playful tools, and at the same time are open to explore and initiate, are genuinely curious get to know the little ones. Their thinking of the kid is a holistic one, where mind-body and soul forms one unity, one system.


At the core of our approach we use free play and arts (music, bodywork, drama, tales, visual arts, puppetry and handicrafts spiced with digital technology). It is a proven fact that arts and free play have similar impact on kids, and it is through free play how kids learn at this young age. We train both preschool teachers and parents to unobtrusively embed these elements into kids’ daily routines, problem solving and successfully facilitate the learning process.

We would like preschools to put the development of children’s character at the heart of their impact (as opposed to focusing only on skills and lexical knowledge) by adopting our Go Healthy curriculum and by getting trained. We would also like parents to spend quality time with their kids through the games and programmes we offer.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!